Your Growing Child Newsletter

Partners in Pediatrics publishes a newsletter available in our clinics for our patients and their families. It is full of timely clinic news and pediatric information. Read our most recent editions by clicking on a link below.

Archived newsletters 

  • Spring, 2017 – Safe Sleep for Baby; New HPV Immunization Schedule; Eye Fatigue with Smart Phone Use
  • Winter, 2016 – Flu shots; Time to do some Chores
  • Fall, 2016 – Flu Vaccine Update; How Much Sleep is Enough Sleep?; On-Screen Violence, Real-World Aggression
  • Summer, 2016 – The Games our Children Like: They’re not Just Child’s Play; FDA Looking at Dangers of E-cigarettes
  • Spring, 2016 – New Dietary Guidelines; Whooping Cough (Pertussis)
  • Winter, 2016 – New Meningitis Vaccine for Teens, Influenza and Influenza Vaccine
  • Spring 2015 – 2015 Nutrition Update; Welcome Dr. Pamela Bloomquist
  • Winter 2015 – Picky Eaters Part II; Dr. James Bukstein and Dr. Gary Nichols retire

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