Special services at Partners in Pediatrics

Many of our providers have additional training or interests in pediatric specialty areas. If you have concerns about your child in any of these areas, these providers have the experience to help you.

Adolescent medicine

Pediatric medicine is not just for babies! We care for patients throughout their college years, or through age 23. We have an active Adolescent Medicine Committee which helps our providers keep up-to-date with issues involved with adolescent medicine, including pubertal development, acne, gynecology, depression, and adjustment concerns.

Allergies, asthma and tobacco

As part of their pediatric training, all of our providers have extensive training and expertise in managing childhood asthma and allergies. These conditions may be evident in your child every day, when he has an illness or on a seasonal basis. Some of the things to watch for are teary, watery or swollen eyes, runny nose, cough, skin rashes or difficult or labored breathing. Food allergies can cause heartburn, upset stomach, diarrhea or indigestion. Partners in Pediatrics also has a program to help smokers become non-smokers.

Behavioral pediatrics

Raising children to be happy, healthy adults who reach their full potential is the goal of everyone involved in a child’s development, including parents, teachers, and health care providers. Sometimes children have conditions that pose some additional challenges to achieving this goal. Conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, depression, adolescent adjustment disorders and oppositional characteristics are among the conditions that may need special guidance or medication to help a child succeed.

All of our providers deal with developmental and behavioral issues that affect your children. If you have a question, call any of our offices and we will arrange an appointment to meet with one of our providers to discuss your concerns.


Partners in Pediatrics supports a woman’s choice on how to feed her baby (breast or bottle), but strongly encourages women to consider breastfeeding. The benefits of breastfeeding are researched-based and well documented, both for the baby and the mother. It is not uncommon for both first time moms and those with more experience to face some challenges in establishing breastfeeding routines with a new baby. Our lactation providers have completed specialized training in helping breastfeeding families be successful.



Nutrition is important!  We work with children and teens on a variety of nutritional concerns including cardiac health, allergies and obesity.

Psychological services

To better meet the needs of our patients, a licensed mental health care professional from Psychology Consultation Services (PCS) is located at the Partners in Pediatrics Clinic in Maple Grove one-half day per week to provide quick, easy, and affordable access to mental health services. These 30-minute appointments address emotional concerns, behavioral problems, and social issues. We also offer some limited therapy appointments at PIP’s Maple Grove and Rogers offices. Learn more »

PCS also offers a 90 minute workshop twice a month for parents of children diagnosed with ADHD. Learn more »